Honor Weigh-in Policy

Jefferson Township ‘Spring Fling’ Wrestling Tournament Honor Weigh-in Policy

Weights are to be submitted via the online registration process.  We recognize family time is valuable, so we have moved this tournament to an ‘honor’ weigh-in system.  However, the following rules need to be considered:

  •  Consider the date you are registering vs. the date of the tournament and plan accordingly.  Add lbs to the registered weight, if required.
  •  A wrestler may not be more than 3lbs over their registered weight the day of the tournament (including singlet or shorts).
  •  A challenge scale will be available at the head table.  If a parent or coach challenges a competing wrestlers weight, he/she must approach the head table to announce their intentions.  The tournament director (or assigned person) will conduct the weigh-in.
  •  If a wrestler is more than 3lbs over their registered weight (including singlet or shorts), he/she may be removed from the tournament at the tournament directors discretion.
  •  A wrestler who has been removed from the tournament due to being overweight automatically forfeits their registration fee.  It will not be refunded.  It is the wrestler and/or parents responsibility to monitor the registered weight.

By checking the box on the registration page labeled ‘weigh-in policy and liability release’, you agree to allow the registered wrestler to participate in the Jefferson Township Spring Fling tournament and assume full responsibility for any injuries incurred while participating and/or traveling to or from this event.  You agree to hold harmless the Jefferson Township wrestling program, its representatives, coaches, referees, Jefferson Township High school or the Jefferson Township Bd of Education for injuries while participating in, or traveling to, or from this tournament.